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reuse and recycle

Smaakstof is a place that offers high quality second handed denim products. Got yourself a beautiful pair of vintage jeans or find a cool apron made by old pair of jeans. Reuse or Recyle are the options.


We thrift second handed jeans from unique denim brands. They get cleaned, repaired and dropped on the website. Enjoy the unique experience of buying a beautiful pair of vintage jean


Old jeans that no longer can be sold in their original condition get a second life. We take them apart, cut them in pieces and make unique products from it. 


The love we have for denim comes from the unique character every pair of jeans has. Worn jeans got an unique washing, pattern, stiches and cracks from their history. As Smaakstof we treasure and complements these characters. As a customer you not only wear a “one of a kind” product, you also make a sustainable choice by buying something that has already been worn and cherished.

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