For the love of vintage

Smaakstof is not another denim brand. We celebrate the history and continuation of vintage jeans. Pre loved jeans carries stories. Its adventures have been recorded in the faded coloring, ripped knees, frayed pockets and the stitches and patches from previous repairs. The transformations gave them a life of their own.


As Smaakstof we believe that denim jeans are the best garment that can be reused. We thrift high quality second handed jeans from strong denim brands. They get cleaned, repaired and dropped on the website.


Jeans that no longer can be sold in their original condition get also a second life. We take them apart, cut them in pieces and make unique products from it. For example our unique kitchen aprons.

Online Experience

Enjoy the beautiful experience of vintage shopping at an online level. Dig in the history of heritage brands and be part of sustainable fashion. You not only wear an “one of a kind” product, you also make a sustainable choice by buying something that has already been worn and cherished